Reunions & Corporate Retreats

Reunions & Special Celebrations

Bliss and Moon Dune are the right vacation accommodations for large family gatherings and celebrations of special occasions.  These two oceanfront homes can accommodate 25 guests in great comfort and are joined together by a large open terrace for the perfect celebration location with or without a tent.  Avon on Hatteras Island is truly a special place for a destination celebration and there is no better beach place than between Moon Dune and Bliss for family and friends fun in the sun.

This will be a reunion or celebration that creates family memories for a lifetime to treasure.


Corporate Retreats & Meetings For Valued Staff

Moon Dune and Bliss are the perfect location to reward your staff and motivate your key employees.  The tranquil surroundings of these oceanfront homes on Hatteras Island  will create excitement for a productive get –away, eliminating the stress of the workplace.  Moon Dune and Bliss will accommodate up to 25 guests and are connected for a successful event .

The large terrace on the beach between the two houses will be the perfect outside meeting site for productive and  also fun meetings in the sun.  If you prefer an indoor meeting, Hatteras Realty has a state of the art conference facility round table room and classrooms that hold up to 40 staff.  Create a focused agenda, establish objectives, provide materials related to your most urgent topics and design a strategy to boost your business beyond your competition’s imagination while improving your staff’s morale.  After a successful morning of meetings, plan some activities for the afternoon .

End your day with a bonfire on the beach under an amazing blanket of stars – after all you are 20 miles out to sea and that will make you realize you can make your dreams  a reality with a good plan.

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