Choosing the catering for your reception can be a difficult task. Your choice greatly reflects the style of your wedding, which may range from a casual picnic to an elegant formal dinner.

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Helpful Questions

Please keep in mind, Wedded “Bliss” and Honey “Moon Dune” both have kitchens that will delight your caterer, with 2 full size refrigerators each and double caterer size ovens each and large preparing surfaces.

  • Do they offer tastes of your food selections? Some do, and some do not. If you really want to try something , order from the menu, and dine in so you can also check out presentation and service.
  • Do they have any other weddings that day? Some caterers are equipped to do this, and some are not. Make sure you have a comfort level with the answer.
  • Do they have reference and photos from previous weddings?
  • Is the caterer licensed and insured?
  • Where will the food be prepared? How much room is needed onsite for their team?
  • Will they feed your vendors at no extra cost?
  • What is the server attire?
  • Do they provide non-alcoholic beverage service? Coffee service? Make sure you also have cups and cream and sugar. Who provides?
  • Can they provide alcohol and appropriate set-ups? Or do you need to handle the bar separately?
  • What is the bad weather policy? On the OBX, never schedule an outdoor event without a weather contingency plan.
  • Do they provide serving vessels, chafing dishes and serving utensils? If not, can they help coordinate the rentals?
  • Can they provide silverware, linens and tables and chairs? If not, can they help coordinate the rentals?
  • Will the caterer set the tables?
  • Do they provide table top menus or food descriptions at the buffet? Is there a fee for printing?
  • What happens to the leftover food?
  • When is the deadline for menu selection?
  • When is the final guest count due?
  • How does the deposit work? What does it guarantee?
  • What is the cancellation policy for either party?
  • Are there any banquet fees, delivery, preparation and set-up or break down charges?
  • Are there any additional charges we did not discuss? Practice that question, and repeat often.
  • Are taxes and gratuities included? Who receives the gratuities? How much is recommended?
  • What do you think would be the best menu you could serve us?
  • Is there anything we have not discussed that you would recommend?

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