Photography & Videography

Capture the special memories of your day through photography and video. Decide your style, candid and spontaneous or posed and portrait. Photographers can make photos look dramatic or soft and dreamy. The photographer should ask you many questions about what and how you want to capture your day.

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Helpful Questions

  • How long have you been doing photography professionally, and how many weddings have you shot? Make sure wedding photography makes up at least 50 percent of the photographer’s business.
  • Will you be the actual photographer?
  • How do you describe your working style?
  • How will you be dressed?
  • Will you have an assistant?
  • Do you shoot digitally, with film or both?
  • Do you do color and black and white?
  • Since cameras break, be sure to ask whether the photographer will have backup equipment.
  • Ask to see the photographer’s portfolio – including photographs from an entire wedding. Ask for references. (Get at least five references of couples that have hired the photographer and had weddings similar in size and style to yours.)
  • If you have a videographer, ask if the photographer has ever worked with him or her on another job.
  • Check to be sure you can give the photographer a list of specific pictures you want taken.
  • Inquired if they have any other events to shoot on the same day as your wedding.
  • What time will the photographer arrive, and how long will they shoot?
  • If the wedding last longer than anticipated, will they stay, and how much extra do they charge?

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